September 05, 2006

Wooden pony

Ok, so i said i'd post about the 'scenes' i saw after my collaring ceremony.

The one which struck me the most was using a wooden pony, which i'd heard of and seen photos of before, but had never seen in real life. After the scening, when everyone else was walking in the woods, Sir had me try out the wooden pony, and it hurts! He adjusted the height so i still had my tiptoes on the wooden strut at the bottom, but it really digs in and quickly gets uncomfortable. i was constantly shifting my position, trying to find a less tender spot for it to press into - which Sir informs me is where the term 'riding the wooden pony' comes from.

So, anyway, the sub i saw on the wooden pony had it raised really high so her feet couldn't touch the ground, but were tethered to the middle post. And her Dom also attached clamps to her nipples which He tied to one of the barn's rafters, making them pull hard. The bit that made me wince though was when He lashed her back and belly for quite a while, causing deep red welts/lines to appear on her flesh. i can tolerate and enjoy some pain, but for me that would have been too much. But then, i guess we're all different, because she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.


"Sir" said...

Darling, what you have to remember is that the slave you saw being used on the wooden pony is actually a 'painslut' and can tolerate and enjoy high levels of pain. Infact, she craves those levels of pain and finds it very hard to orgasm without receiving them.

you, libby, are not a painslut, you are wired differently which is perfectly fine (infact I prefer your type of wiring). So although your tolerance for pain may well increase, I would very much doubt it will ever reach the level that you witnessed during that scene. Again that's absolutely no problem, sweetheart.

I have been considering, though, converting part of the barn into a 'dungeon' type room, complete with some furniture which would probably include a wooden pony. I think it would be very enjoyable to conduct some of our sessions in such a place. It's just a thought in the pipeline at the moment, though, libs.

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